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A L A R M I N G      

One Third of Howard County Families are Food Insecure.

One Fourth of our children are hungry

63% of Households headed by Seniors struggle to pay for food and medicine. 

Money Out of Politics
End Pay to Play

End Nepotism, End the Friends and Family Network of Governance.

Are we no longer safe

in Calvin Ball's Howard County?

Howard County Spirals Out of Control. 

An elderly woman and her husband, two senior citizens, were accosted, verbally abused, and physically intimidated at the Clarksville Commons.

The accusation - the older couple - a white lady and her husband are racist. The older white lady Councilwoman Deb Jung. 

The NAACP called it racism! The NAACP along with the young black man (a bi-racial young man) claimed that the incident was racially motivated.  The Baltimore Sun covered the story.

Let's put this in perspective, the democratic establishment (County Executive Ball and his allies) are eager to replace Councilwoman Deb Jung from District 4 with someone more supporting of his policies.  Was this a political smear.

On a side note, when did the democratic party become the party of the rich, property developers, the elite, and hate?  

Democratic operatives (Seabright) weighed in - coincidentally, the lone youth of color (biracial), who strategically filmed everything, and selectively released an edited video recording, happens to be her son. Yes, this is abuse, abuse of the real pain and suffering of black and brown people used to target political opponents.


We hope that County Executive Ball is not involved and will intervene to stop his allies from this sort of politics of personal destruction. Whether it be true or not, there is nothing worse than being called a racist. I hope County Executive Ball will speak up on behalf of two elderly Howard County residents. 

When did we lose sight of right and wrong?  Decency, peace, respect, and civility are lost to Howard County. Is this how we treat people in Howard County? Is this how we treat our seniors in Howard County? Is this how we have raised our kids? The perpetrators (not so minor) have been identified. Instead of teaching them decency and the norms of civility, these miscreants are being used to promote a political agenda, to label an innocent white woman a racist.


HOWARD COUNTY IS NOT CIVIL! I am a person of color and do not hold any office. I shudder to think if my wife or parents or any other minority was at the receiving end of this vulgar assault and bullying.

We already have extremists in Howard County calling people from the Indian - Hindu community Nazis.

Perhaps County Executive Ball is silent because his political allies at the NAACP are speaking on his behalf, to take down a political opponent. It is notable, the NAACP was recently paid $70,000.00 (seventy thousand dollars) by County Executive Ball. I hope that this payment by Ball is not linked in any way, to these unfounded charges of racism levied against Councilwoman Deb Jung. I hope this attack is not coordinated.

I am hopeful that County Executive Ball will speak up in defense of decency in Howard County and will ask those forces maligning Deb Jung to stop. These are his political allies and presumably under his control.

At a time when our seniors are abused, I hope that County Executive Ball will speak up to defend Councilwoman, Deb Jung, on behalf of our at-risk senior citizens, and not play into race-baiting and falsely accusing people of racism. 

“Elder Abuse” is real and it is extremely important that race, racism, and seniors are not used as political instruments in a dirty-tricks campaign of terror.

At a time when Calvin Ball is trying to get the age-friendly certification from the AARP, these are glaring omissions from the narrative which is Howard County. We cannot be selective in our outrage.

As the 2021 AARP Andrus award winner, I will be reaching out to AARP and will seek an immediate review of Howard County's application, in an effort to affect change for the better in Howard County. 

I recall that County Executive Calvin Ball recently withheld the Citizens Elections Fund - matching funds from Deb Jung and his political opponent, former County Executive Allan Kittleman candidate for County Executive, earlier this year, in hopes of crippling their campaigns. We cannot be about the lowest common denominator. We are better than this.

In the doctored video released by the perpetrators, the white woman appears distressed and afraid. She exhibits foolhardy bravery. Should we all be afraid to go out? Or be afraid of hooligans and not call them out? Where did we lose our decency? Despite the fact that the woman is a councilwoman, she is intimidated and treated shabbily. Imagine if it was one of us? 

This could have been one of our parents; this could have been you or me. This is, very, very, serious.

Young men tormenting the elderly is what this is about AND County Executive BALL is silent when he should be denouncing this sort of behavior. It is never acceptable. 

Human decency in Howard County is at stake. Racial tensions are already high. We don’t need interested parties - NAACP or anyone else fanning the flames of racism and using genuine black pain and suffering to advance their narrow political objectives. Reelection strategy?

All the while a third of Howard County families aren't able to put food on their tables. Over 60% of households led by a senior have difficulty paying for food. 1 in 4 children in Howard County are hungry.

Fiscal irresponsibility and overspending are leading to a recession and out-of-control inflation (gas is over $5/gallon, heading for $6-7/gallon), while some are engaged in win-at-any-cost power politics and lining the pockets of their friends and family.

This speaks very poorly about the political culture in Howard County. We are increasingly looking like (HoCo) a banana republic, with people afraid to go out, afraid to speak up, afraid to voice an opinion. 

If they don't like what you say, they go after you personally. We should be afraid. The divisiveness engaged in is putting our community at risk. Our culture is degrading into vulgarity, violence, and hatred.  We are all diminished by this.

Who has been paid off? Follow the money. - If you would like to read about how our money is being spent (Ball's friends and family network)  … CLICK HERE.

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Sanjay S.


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Deb Jung
Attacked at the Commons