Liberal voices fall silent

when Hindus are killed,
persecuted and discriminated against.

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A groundbreaking first-of-its-kind event tackling Hate against Hindus in Maryland. Sponsored by the Indian Cultural Association and Sanjay Srivastava in his personal capacity.


The Hindu community attacked by Extremists as we served our community


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An amazing turnout to advance Hindu awareness, last Sunday, evening. This is not an easy topic. It's about racism and religious intolerance and it's about xenophobia.

An old story (jihadi tactic), repackaged under a new designer burka. Hatred against Hindus because of their faith and country of origin - India. 

It's about religious persecution and the slaughter of a people for over a thousand years; a struggle which led to the largest genocide in human history, one in which it is estimated that over 500 million Hindus were cleansed. 

One might ask, why is this relevant today? The answer: The same fundamentalist voices are growing again, now in the West and most troubling is that on-line hate against Hindus (worldwide) is at an all-time-high (originating from Pakistan, Iran and other jihadi organizations. Do not be complaicent. Our children are at risk.

5 Takeaways from the Rutgers Hinduphobia Study - CoHNA

Cleansed because Hindus are "non-believers" of Islam: they are unclean, dirty, filthy, kafirs. We must speak up as these voices of hate are growing, not in Pakistan or Afghanistan where they have already killed off minorities, but in our own backyard, throughout the United States. 

If we do not, they will manifest in violence, as they have in various parts of the world, where intolerance (from the pure ones, supremacist, jihadis) have cleansed the land of Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Jews and all other minorities, alike. It is astonishing that Hindus were swept away as slaves to Arabia and are sold today for a life long of servitude. Hindus are seen as slaves and are treated as slaves. This is a civilizational struggle between peace, tolerance, and understanding vs. supremacy, intolerance, hate, slavery and genocide.  

The Hindu community is extremely concerned about the safety of their families and their children.  Religious intolerance is on the rise in Howard County and is fueled by County leadership.  Hindu families are fearful for their physical safety and that of their children; the psychological scars of discrimination are tangible and are felt lifelong by fragile children. 

We heard real-life accounts of persecution and heard about instances of hate and extremism faced by the Hindu community in Howard County, in Maryland, and in the United States. The violent chatter is rising (in the County and on-line) to a fever pitch and it is beginning to have real-world consequences.


More than a dozen leading Hindu organizations came together and resolved to counter the systemic racism exhibited by Howard County - Calvin Ball, his staff, and his allies (IAMC, CAIR and other extremist organizations). The hate-filled, anti-India, anti-Hindu House Resolution 1196 (Sponsored by Ilhan Omar, and co-sponsored by Congressman John Sarbanes) lends itself to the narrative of the "evil", uncivilized, dark, thieving unclean Indian, Hindu.  Did I mention Nazi? Jihadis have adopted a new tactic of portraying Hindus as Nazi supremacists. And what is worst, our leaders - Calvin Ball, Congressman John King, and Senator Katie Hester encourage this hate, give them citations and applaud them for their work.  These extremist organizations target opponent, as we recently saw in a New Jersey town.


Unfortunately, this evil is the narrative advanced by extremists who operate in our midst.  HR 1196 makes Maryland unsafe for Hindu families and their children,  A recent (July, 2022) Rutgers University study warns Hindus to safeguard themselves and their families.


It was an eye-opening and moving experience. Many Howard County residents shared their personal stories of persecution and genocide at the hands of fundamentalist, Muslim extremists (not to be confused with the religion). We spoke of and documented the systemic slaughter of Hindus throughout the world and addressed the growing cultural genocide experienced by Hindus in Howard County, its schools, its library system, government agencies, and the various task forces organized by the County, which purport to advance racial equity but do exactly the opposite. The Howard County Library System (HCLS) depicts Hindus as "invaders" and depicts Hindus, as that which thoughts are conjured when you think of marauding invaders. Or a school system which relegates Hinduism and Hindu children to caste (a western imposition which was forced upon India to divide and rule Hindus), and ridicules them for their faith, their dress, and "funny" smelly ways. 


Roadblocks are placed upon Hindu families as they attempt to celebrate their religious holidays and practice their faith in peace without hindrance from anyone, especially those extremists (jihadis) who have sought to brutally exterminate the Hindu (an end to a thousand years of slavery).  We are told by the Howard County School System that Diwali is not a Hindu religious festival or that Holi is simply colorfest. This "sanitizing" of Hindu culture is discriminatory. We are told that Hindu-related materials must be vetted and filtered by "South Asian Activists", decidedly anti-India, anti-Hindu. 


The "awareness" event sought to counter false narratives, half-truths, and outright lies (jihadi propaganda), which all stem from the hatred spread by fundamentalists. It is a societal ill which must be fought and forms the greatest threat to America and its way of life; the freedoms which we enjoy. We see the intolerance it can lead to with "moral police" which punishes a woman for wearing a hijab incorrectly, with beatings and death. It is when you boil it down to its very basic struggle, it is the constitution and the rule of law vs Shariat law. 


The Hindu awareness event sought to increase awareness, in order to end Hate, Racism, and Xenophobia, to Educate, to encourage all people to unite for a more peaceful, inclusive and tolerant society. 


It was a good step forward.


Many current and future lawmakers were present and resolved to help to end religious intolerance and the persecution of Hindus in our community.   We appreciate your support.

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