Hindu Symbols
(Om) Morphed
by Extremist Muslims to Resemble the Swastika,
to Elicit Hate against Hindus

A L A R M I N G      

Om represents the sacred sound, a symbol of oneness in Hinduism and other world religions. The Om symbol emoji marks content dealing with yoga, spirituality, and feelings of inner peace.


Hinduism teaches
the world is one family.

To see the divine in everyone and everything, in all things big and small. 

SEVA - To serve others.

To do no harm.
In this spirit, most Hindus are vegetarian.



One Third of Howard County Families are Food Insecure.

One Fourth of our children are hungry

63% of Households headed by Seniors struggle to pay for food and medicine. 

Money Out of Politics
End Pay to Play

End Nepotism, End the Friends and Family Network of Governance.



Howard County sees an Increase in  RACISM

against Hindu Americans

Hindus targeted

threatened by extremist

Islamists, their supporters

in Howard County, 
in Maryland.

King Statement.jpg
Democrat John King, candidate for MD Governor and Democrat Calvin Ball, candidate for County Executive, Howard County align with extremist Islamists, and actively promote hate and discrimination against Hindu Americans. 

See King's statement and Ball's support of extremist, Islamists in Howard County - promote anti-India, anti-Hindu phobia. 

In Howard County and throughout many parts of Maryland, Hindu Americans have become the targets of defamatory, racist attacks by certain politicians like John King and by organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Hindu Americans are the largest Asian American group in Howard County - a county where nearly 22% of residents are of Asian descent. 


Hindus targeted by Mislim Extremists

A recent campaign contribution ($1,500.00) to the John King for MD Governor campaign by a Hindu American was rejected. The money was not returned to the donor, but was kept by King and redirected to an [extremist] Islamic advocacy group, the same afternoon. The reason stated by King - the donor’s “potential” (read as suspected) ties to Hindu (tva).

King’s decision was based on a "suspicion" of Hindu - tva. The Hindu donor's crime being of the Hindu faith (the Hindu culprit was declared guilty, in true fundamentalist fashion, by Sharia standards). The quick turnaround time suggests that little to no research was done by King.

King's statement represents hate speech and racism by those who consider Hindus the worst of the Kefirs (non-believers), unclean, dark, dirty, idol worshipers - of Indian origin, Hindus.

Persian word meaning defeated or slave.


The Red Scare.

Islamists Obsess with India

 India is the world’s largest democracy,

with 29 languages, six religions and a 5,000-year-old continuous civilization where, even today, people flee to seek refuge from persecution, became the focus of derision and contempt.

Genocide of Hindus In Bangladesh

Genocide of Hindus In Kashmir

Genocide of Hindus In Afghanistan

Genocide of Hindus In Pakistan

Pakistani Genocide in Baluchistan

Religious persecution throughout the world.


Political Bullying and persecution.
(Hate, hate speech, religious intolerance and exclusion of Hindus - Hinduphobia)
is practiced freely by those running for political office in Maryland.

Very 18th century of you.

Mr. King, please let us know if a list of (Hindu) miscreants exists so that we might all steer clear of them, the dreaded Hindu-tva (sarcasm intended) or are you able to tell by their names, the color of their skin, the country of their origin, creed or religious practices? Or is there a watering hole we should avoid?

To continue, as we examine King's statement, he goes on to highlight “Hindus of all castes” and Dalits. It is notable that there is no caste discrimination in Maryland or discrimination against Dalits in Howard County, Maryland or the United States.  The phrase " Hindus of all caste" is used by King to shame Hindus and to depict them as militant. Now really, who is doing the hating?

Discrimination based on caste is illegal in India and remains illegal in the U.S.  Secondly, equating both Islamophobia with the so-called "Hindutva fascist movement" is not only wrong, but also paints Hindu Americans in a negative light whereby mere defense of Hinduism, Hindu culture, and Hindu values is seen as a sign of fascism, Islamophobia, and hatred.

King's statement and statements like it are meant to demean, degrade and dehumanizing Hindus. They are meant to desensitize the community at large of the suffering and pain experienced by Hindus, inflicted upon them by Jihadi Muslim Islamists and their powerful, extremist (King / Ball) supporters.  

Are our children safe in Howard County?

MD politics is obsessed with India - two people (Hindus) were beheaded by Muslim Islamists in brutal, gruesome fashion, within the last few days, each was serving their Muslim customers, one a tailor, the other a shop keeper. Their crime, being Hindu and of course, for posting on social media, their support of the BJP, taken as an offense to the Prophet Mohammed. While some are quick to make anti-India, anti-Hindu statements, Ball, King, and our Howard County Council and other leaders remain silent).

The bloody, gruesome act was recorded and uploaded on to social media. The Jihadi perpetrators can be seen ridiculing Hindus and laughing at the sight, as they slay (beheaded) another human being, threatened Hindus, Hindu(tva), Modi, the Prime Minister of India, the BJP, etc. This is evil.  

hindu lives matter1.jpg

Liberal voices fall silent

when Hindus are killed, persecuted and discriminated against.

Hindus are victimized by extremist Islam. Why do radical Muslims hate Hindus? 

The answer lies in the Quran (Islamic religious text).  Muslims call it ghazwa e hind - A [Qur’anic] prophecy where an Islamic army invades and conquers [Hindu] India, as part of the events leading to the apocalypse.


Thus, began their thousand-year war to eradicate Hindus (tva). It is taught to (radicalize) children in Madrasas from an early age. 

Mr. King, Calvin Ball, you have enlisted in a thousand year war against Hindus.

The King statement maligns Hindus, fuels racism and reinforces the racial discrimination advanced by fundamentalist Muslims. King's (tva) movement, in true racist fashion is designed to elicit hate against Hindu, Hinduism (and of the Hindus (tva) religion, of being Hindu). The message of hate is popular in certain extremist circles - see shares and likes...

Hindu(tva) very plainly means “being Hindu”.

hindu lives matter5.jpg

In their effort to spread their racist agenda, Muslim fundamentalists (see CAIR and its followers) actively associate things “Hindu” with Nazis, Hitler, the SS, and fascism, in order to foment hatred against those of the Hindu faith.

Marginalize Hindus, prejudice, hate, demonize the Hindu community and demean Hindu culture, imposed by those who consider themselves superior to it.

The U.S. is familiar with racism and prejudice, against Blacks and people of color – see, the Klan, Skinheads, Proud Boys, White Aryan Resistance, Patriot…, etc. These extremist groups strive for a “whites” only society. Extremist Muslims (radical, fundamentalist Islam) are of a more virulent variant of hate - compare to hatred of Jews by Hitler, Nazi Germany, and the mass extermination Hindus - genocide in Kashmir, Baluchistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, violent Islam - thousands of innocent people murdered - (9/11) Twin Towers, 11/26 serial bomb blasts in India, mass killings, beheadings, terror throughout the world, millions dead, as they strive for religious "purity", under Sharia. It has come to be defined by ISIS, Al Qaeda, Lashkar e Taiba, Osama Bin Ladin... repression of thought, of women, burning of books, fatwas, Salman Rashidi, killings over cartoons, Sharia law... then in true King(ian) fashion, radical fundamentalists play the victim and promote hate against the victimized - Hinduphobes.

John King’s(ian) Hinduphobia reminds us of McCarthyism, and the persecution of (innocents) - those suspected of being communists (Hindus).

King (tva), Islamist ideology humiliates people suspected of being Hindu.

We are your doctors, your nurses, your shop keepers, business owners, restaurant owners, workers and yes, tech support. Indians, (majority Hindu) are productive, non-violent, members of society. Hindus are generally highly educated. We are your neighbors.

We are not white adjacent. We are not your black adjacent. We are Indian Americans. Many of us are Hindu and we are proud of it.

Notwithstanding, King (tva)’s extremist propaganda, King(tva) might be desirable if we strive to become Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Ethiopia or a Saudi Arabia, or better yet, Iran?… a theocracy.

Hate of the sort promoted by John King(tva) and his extremist allies is ugly and leads to ugly things – bullying, prejudice, discrimination, marginalization of entire communities, racial and religious discrimination, intolerance, ridicule, violence, and subjugation of entire populations (countries), of its most vulnerable, through violence, slavery, exploitation, the holocaust, genocide, rape. Terror is a means used by extremists to achieve their political objectives.

Education is the key!

Given the Jihadi propensity to violence, King (tva) represents incitement to hate against Hindus. Howard County politicians play “vote bank” politics as they court hate.

Hindus are fearful and feel vulnerable, persecuted. As of this date, no “moderate” Muslims have spoken out against the racism Hindus are subjected to. At worst they privately agree with it, or at best, they are complicit (silent). Our political leaders remain silent\. Radical Islam operates freely in Howard County, under Calvin Ball’s watch, with his active support.

Democrats seem to want to go back to the “good old days”. Race, religion, hatred against minorities are being weaponized. We recall, that the NAACP declared Council woman Deb Jung a racist, a result of her interaction with minority youth in a majority white area of Howard County - see Baltimore Sun article (LINK).

King (tva) declared that he will not associate with Hindus (tva). There are many who collaborated with Nazis to suppress and murder an entire (Jewish) people. Mr. King, will you be targeting Jews, or Buddhists, or Jains next?

When good people remain silent, evil wins.

Let’s be clear, "Hindutva is Hindu, it refers to those of the Hindu faith - Hinduism.” Vested interests are assigning pejorative meaning to Hindu (tva) – namely that Hindus are violent and hateful.


Misuse of the word Hindu(tva) by radical Islam and its proponents in Howard County, (its use by Muslims is much like the “N” word when used by white Americans. It is meant to demean blacks and desensitize people of violence against them – KKK, skinheads, or Nazi type extremist Islamists and its sympathizers. In historical context, when used by Muslims, it is racist and promotes hatred & intolerance. It is meant to make Hindus fearful of speaking up and fearful of being Hindu, fearful of practicing their religion. Are forced to use (practice) their religious symbols in secret (see attached) as is the case today in many Muslim majority places.

Does this sound familiar? It should sound alarm bells. It should remind us of Hitler, Stalin, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Whereas the Indian American (IA) community is the largest immigrant minority community in Howard County, incidents of hate against Hindus are on the rise. Hindu-Americans stand marginalized and discriminated against by our political leaders (institutionalizing Hindu-hate) and those who would divide us along racial and religious lines. (see Stop Asian Hate Rally, discrimination at the HCPSS (Hindu education), HoCo Human Rights Comm, HCLS, Library System, exclusionary practices, to name a few).

King's actions (King(tva) and those of the Hinduphobic fundamentalist brand of Islam, including those who sympathize with it, and those who collaborate with it promote hatred against Hindus (Hinduphobia), antisemitism, hate against non-believers – Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains…, Those who participate in it are racists.

We have brought similar incidents of hate to your attention over recent years; you have not supported the Indian community. You have remained silent.

The poignant reality is that Howard County’s political leadership is closely aligned with radical elements (Islamists). 

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) actively promote hate against Hindus, link Hindus to Nazis, Hitler, and the SS.

CAIR has been deemed by the U.S. State Department to had ties to terror.

The FBI has severed all ties to CAIR.

CAIR operates freely in County Executive Calvin Ball's Howard County and enjoys his full support.  Its representatives serve on many of its Boards, commissions, and task forces, and official posts - political appointments. CAIR representatives are embedded in the Howard County school system, and its various other institutions.

Our children are at risk.

This adversely impacts Indian children, marginalizing them in an active attempt at cultural genocide. It is an attempt to make Hindu children ashamed of their culture, ashamed of their religion, ashamed of being Hindu (Hindu (tva)) as they are ridiculed for their beliefs.

Incidents of hate, racism and religious intolerance are on the rise in Howard County. Extremist Muslim leaders have called for a boycott of Hindu businesses in the U.S.

Let’s put this in perspective, Hindus are being beheaded (India) for social media posts (for perceived offenses against the prophet Muhammad, seen, unseen and manufactured). Riots target Hindu neighborhoods, Hindu homes burned, women raped, or worse - Their crime, being Hindu – Hindu(tva). And they are trying to take the livelihoods of Hindu families. 


In places such as the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Asia & Africa, Hindus, Jews, and Christians are persecuted and exterminated without cause or reason.

Hindu symbols are morphed into Nazi symbols for the desired effect, to desensitize the community of violence against Hindus - see attached.

Is this the direction we want America to go?

Reject the hate filled extremist, Islamist propaganda promoted by John King (tva) and Calvin Ball (tva).

Stand against hate - The Hindu American community would like to hear from you. We, the members of the Indian community stand untied and ask you to denounce the hinduphobia promoted by King campaign and the Ball administration. 

Time is of the essence. We would like to include your statement in our “Community – Indian Voter Guide”.

We ask all Indians and peace-loving people everywhere to hold our leaders accountable. Fight for peace, tollerence, human rights, peace and respect for all.

Howard County stands against hate.

Sanjay S