HINDUS (like Jews and other minorities are targetted by extremists). Pray for an End to Hate and Violence.
Protect Hindu Families and Children from Hate, Bigotry, Discrimination, and Religious Intolerance of radical extremists.

Protect Howard County Families from Hate & Extremism

Calvin Ball  is NOT a friend of the Indian Community in Howard County!

According to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)

Hindus are EVIL Nazis


Racism, Hate &
Extremist Cancel Culture

Calvin Ball with Zainab Chaudry Director of CAIR's Office in Maryland. Hate and her allies loom large in Howard County.
CAIR spreads hatred of Hindus, Promotes shame, fear and ridicule of the Hindu community in Howard County.
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I am hated because I am Hindu

I am hated because of my faith. Extremists call us Nazis.

We distributed over 2.5 million lbs of food to our neighbors struggling with hunger, during the pandemic. Not a call from Calvin Ball, Katie Hester, and others. No offer of help. Howard County is closely aligned with Extremists.  We could have used the help. None was forthcoming.


Ritualized beheadings of Hindus by jihadis
Stabbings to the eye - Salman Rushdie (NY)
9/11 - thousands of Americans slaughtered
10/26 - Bombings, Indians slaughtered
Daniel Pearl
Terror in Kashmir
Mass Genocide of Hindus and other minorities in various parts of the world - Paksitan, Afghanistan.
Ethnic cleansing
Cultural Genocide

Now, our political leaders are supporting extremism - a function of vote-bank politics
Extremism is taking root in the U.S. (united jihad)  and is supported by our political leaders.

When will we say, ENOUGH?

Calvin Ball - Guilty of promoting hate & racism
Katie Hester - Guilty of promoting hate & racism
John Sarbanes - Guilty of promoting hate & racism
Courtney Watson - Guity of promoting racism

A vote for Calvin Ball is a vote for the spread of hate against our children, the next generation. A vote for Calvin ball is a vote for Hindu persecution. A vote for Calvin ball is a vote for Hindu cultural genocide.

The BIG LIE - Lies and Hate spread by EXTREMISTS in the U.S. If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it. The Islamist's US tour


Extremist Hindu Hate

Hatred of Hindus (Kafirs - unclean, thieving slaves non-believers). This is a nationwide Islamist effort to demonize the unclean Hindu.

..."Like other communities [Jews] have done, the Hindu community must also take security measures to ensure its safety and the safety of their next generation".

A History of Hindu Genocide at the hands of Radical Islam

Support  Friends of the Indian Community in Howard County

End Hate & Racism


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  • Allan Kittleman, County Executive)

  • Reid Novotny, State Senate

  • Yuripzy Morgan (U.S. Congress)

  • Lisa Kim, Delegate District, 9B

  • David Yungmann, County Council

Allan Kittleman
Reid Novotny (Senate)
Yuripzy Morgan (US Congress)
Lisa Kim (Delegate 9B)
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Now Happening in Howard County
Kashmir an integral part of India.
Kashmir an integral part of India.

Hate filed anti-India, anti-Hindu program sponsored by CAIR, Ball and Hester At this event, Calvin Ball participated, gave citation(s) and aided and abated the hate speech of extremist Islamists (...Hindus are Nazis)

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Propaganda and misinformation
Propaganda and misinformation

Extremist Islamists spread hate and misinformation against India and Hindus.

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Food distribution - by ICA
Food distribution - by ICA

2.5 millions pounds of food distributed to the hungry in Howard County

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Kashmir an integral part of India.
Kashmir an integral part of India.

Hate filed anti-India, anti-Hindu program sponsored by CAIR, Ball and Hester At this event, Calvin Ball participated, gave citation(s) and aided and abated the hate speech of extremist Islamists (...Hindus are Nazis)

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Hindu Hate Caught on Camera. Calvin Ball's promotion of Hate leads to violence against Hindus.
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Hindu Hate

Pew Research Study of June 2021 indicates that:

"The majority of Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs live in India.  but it also is home to one of the world’s largest Muslim populations and to millions of Christians and Buddhists. Across the country, most people (84%) say that to be “truly Indian,” it is very important to respect all religions. Indians also are united in the view that respecting other religions is a very important part of what it means to be a member of their own religious community (80%). People in all six major religious groups overwhelmingly say they are very free to practice their faiths, and most say that people of other faiths also are very free to practice their own religion.”

According to CAIR Hindus are Nazis. This is their message to the world. One of the most inclusive and peaceful cultures of the world is described as "evil" by extremists. Hindu genocide continues today. The world remains silent.

History will repeat itself with Hindus enslaved once again, if we do not stand up for our children - the next generation. We refuse to live under Sharia or to entertain another Hindu Genocide?

Calvin Ball's Support of Anti-Hindu, Anti-India Hate Group leads to an unsafe Howard County for its residents. The Hindu Hate, India bashing being promoted by CAIR has real world consequences.

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Panders to extremist Muslim Hate Group(s) to win elections.

CAIR's (targeted bigotry and violence against Hindus) places Hindu families in Howard County at risk.


The simple act of being Hindu (Hindu(tva) is criminalized by Islamists.  

The intent is clear and that is to criminalize "Hindu". What is Hindutva, except the act of being Hindu. The use of Hindutva by extremist Jihadis, in this context, constitutes hate speech, similar to the use of the "N" word by white supremacists. Radical Islam has a history of "supremacy" and of cleansing the unclean.

Sanman Rushdie was stabbed in NY on August 12, 2022 (Not in Pakistan). There were ritual beheadings of Hindus in India, of Hindus because of on-line posts and some perceived offence to the prophet. France, Britain and other places in Europe are seeing the rise of radicalized Muslims and the resulting violence ont he streets. 

Hatred in any form should not be promoted by our leaders. We ask
Calvin Ball, Katie Fry Hester, Courtney Watson, John Sarbanes, Wes Moore to stop pandering to groups who demonize Hindus and promote hate. 

Spreading hate in the U.S.

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end hate.png

Sponsors of Hate

Katie Fry hester with Zainab Chaudry – Director of CAIR's Office in Maryland

Hatred against Hindus is normalized with the help of the Howard County administration. CAIR's and the hate rhetoric spread by other similar extremist groups is having real world consequences, especially in an environment where these are supported and sheltered by local leaders, e.g. County Executive Calvin Ball, Sen. Katie Fry Hester, Courtney Watson, Congressman John Sarbanes and other. This has had the chilling effect of spreading Hinduphobia, an irrational hatred of Hindus. Hindu families are at risk.

Calvin Ball is so closely aligned with CAIR, that he is not only CAIR's unofficial cheerleader, but in fact is seen as their extremist figurehead in Howard County, Maryland. CAIR representatives are given official posts and unofficial advisory positions in Howard County. In doing so, Calvin Ball not only promotes hatred of Hindus and spreads religious (Hindu) intolerance, by scare tactics which include the misuse of the words such as Hindutva (which essentially means being Hindu) and helps to institutionalize hate. This serves the extremist's long term goal of demonizing Hindus and also those individuals who speak up for Hindu(ism) and or the India. This usually includes a smear campaign to "cancel" and demonize the group or individuals who speak up, because if the labels stick, the labeled can be ignored. The victimizers play the victim. The art of manipulation.

In order to demonize Hindus and India, the very hate groups took an adv in the New Yprk times to depict Hindu groups "evil".


Islamists depict (most non-believers) Hindus as "evil".  It is with the help of local politicians -  Calvin Ball, Katie Fry Hester, Courtney Watson and John Sarbanes that these extremist groups have grown exponentially, both under their leadership and shelter. Extremism and Hindu hate is growing in Howard County - the systematically attempted to dehumanize Hindus and India and her children.

CAIR spend much time and energy demonizing "Hindutva". Note the close association of the words "Hindu", as extremist Muslims attempt to demonize Hindus and portray Hindus and their families as evil. The word choice is not by accident. It is similar to Islamists attempting to criminalize the word Jewish as opposed to Jew, or Christian vs. Christianity, Buddhist vs. Buddhism, etc. We must be aware of the nefarious intent of jihadi hate mongers with a radical political agenda.

It was no accident that the recent (2022) celebration of a planned Islamophobia - anti-Hindu event scheduled on 9/11 of this year 2022.  This was a purposeful attempt to shift the association of the tragedy and terror of 9-11, and the killing of over 3,000 innocent Americans from extremist Muslim to Hindus and India. We must stand up before it's too late.

Calvin Ball's support of CAIR's Extremism. An unholy alliance.


A CAIR organizer displays Calvin Ball's Citation, following his support of their anti-India anti-Hindu propaganda. Spreading misinformation and anti-India, anti-Hindu hatred - Hindutva (being Hindu is being criminalized). Hindu oppression is an ancient pastime for Islamists.

In recent history 3 million Hindus killed by Islamists in Bangladesh, their crime, being Hindu. The Kashmir valley cleansed of Hindus, told to convert to Islam, run or die, slaughter, genocide (Refugees live in Howard County). Afghanistan, once 100% Hindu, now 40 Hindu individuals remain. Pakistan, once 100% Hindu, now less approximately 1% remain. In Bangladesh the population has been declining rapidly, only 8% Hindus remain. This is the face of radical Islam. Refugees (from the cleansing, gruesome slaughter) in Kashmir live in Howard County, unable to return home till this day.

Islam spreads the propaganda of victimhood when Islamists have been the victimizers of minorities worldwide. 

It is no accident that Islamists organized an anti-Hindu event on 9/11. We are all aware that Osama Bin Ladin was not a Hindu, but an extremist Muslim jihadi. Yoga, meditation (Hindu) and introspection were not his tools of choice.3,000 innocents were not killed by Hindus, but by radical Islam. Or the Terror spread by an radicalized Pakistan is not the result of Hindu extremism, but close associates of CAIR ideology.

Historically, Hindus have been persecuted at the hands of extremist Islam (Not to be confused with the religion of Islam). Islamists have conducted the largest genocide in human history against Hindus. 

Reject Hate, Reject Haters, Reject Jihadis, Reject Islamists

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) Targets Hindus in an attempt to dehumanize Hindus. CAIR refers to Hindus as Nazis and characterizes Hindu families as "evil" and Hindu culture and Hinduism as fascist, aggressive and oppressive, evil. There has been a substantial increase in targeted anti-Hindu hate over the recent years in the United States.

Founder of the Indian Cultural Association

Extremists tell us that Diwali is not a Hindu holiday and that Holi should be called "ColorFest" originating in South Asia.

This is an attempt to "cancel" Hindu and India. It stems from hatred of Hindus by Islamists and is permeating throughout the various governmental institutions in Howard County.

HOWARD COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM Hindu and India-related educational materials are vetted by anti-Hindu "South Asian Activists" before they are allowed to circulate to teachers, students, and to Howard County families. Hindu Hate. No other community is subjected to this sort of racial inequity. It is allowed to take place because CAIR is protected, supported and sponsored by Calvin Ball, Katie Hester, and John Sarbanes, Courtney Watson.

The HOWARD COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM celebrates a book touted as the authority on Asian immigration, which characterizes the immigration of Hindus to the United States as an invasion (The Hindu Invasion), whereas, other migrants are visitors, immigrants, and other kinder gentle people, as opposed to Hindus who are viewed as "thugs", ruthless invaders who bring hate and disharmony and violence to our community. It this who we are? Are Hindus violent in our community?  The answer is categorically no. This is the narrative CAIR and its allies are advancing. It is time for the Hindu community and all peace loving people to speak up (VOTE your interest - Safeguard our families). Vote against hate.
"The Hindu Invasion" (Chapter 4) of The Making of Asian America - By Erika Lee.

Howard County supports CAIR which spreads anti-Hindu hate and promotes Hinduphobia. Hate is irrational, it doesn't make sense. Live and let live should be our motto. 


Where does it begin?

A prophecy in which an Islamic army invades and conquers the Indian subcontinent, as part of the events leading to the apocalypse. ·


Radical, fundamentalist Muslim extremism is not to be confused with the religion of Islam.


On July 12, [2022] Rutgers University’s researchers released a historic study that tracked the rise of Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu hatred on social media and other messaging platforms. The report found a dramatic rise in, and patterns of, hate speech directed towards the Hindu community across these platforms – genocidal memes and coded language patterns advanced by white supremacists and Islamists along with Iranian trolls accusing Hindus of perpetrating a genocide against minorities in India.

Researchers also discovered that Hinduphobic code words and memes reached record highs and warned that this could spill into real world violence against the community, especially in the light of escalating religious tension in India and the recent beheading of an Indian shopkeeper. John Farmer, the former Attorney General of New Jersey as well as a co-author, along with former Congressman and Miller Center Research Fellow Denver Riggleman also shared that the Hindu community, along with law enforcement, must unite to counter hate messaging before it leads to real world violence, as has been observed by such incidents involving the Jewish community in the United States.

Like other communities have done, the Hindu community must also take security measures to ensure its safety and the safety of its next generation.


Below are 5 key takeaways from the Hinduphobia study:

1. An old hatred with a new playbook – As former Attorney General John Farmer observes via the example of the Dotbusters gang of the 80s, Hinduphobia isn’t new and Hindus have regularly been subjected to hatred using centuries old tropes. However, the real cause of alarm today is the deployment of those tropes over social media to a new playbook for rekindling old hatreds.


2. Online hate can lead to real world violence – NCRI’s previous research on vulnerable and minority populations, has observed that when the intensity of social media hate speech reaches a “fever pitch,” it can translate to violence against people in real life (as seen in past antisemitic, anti-Asian attacks). Thus, law enforcement must unite to counter this hate before it is too late.


3. Hinduphobia is largely understudied, dismissed, or even denied in the public sphere, despite its violent and genocidal implications (now exploding across entire Web communities across millions of comments, interactions, and impressions in both mainstream and extremist platforms).


4. Islamists, white nationalists, and other extremist sub-networks online are increasingly using genocidal memes, tropes and codewords to spread Hinduphobia. The term “Pajeet” has been prominently used to describe Hindus in a derogatory manner and in reference to violent, murderous fantasies about Indians. The usage of this term has spiked with key events, such as the appointment of Parag Agarwal as the new CEO of Twitter. Other dog whistles that target Hindus in social media include scatological references and calling Hindus backward, dirty, perverted or unintelligent, etc.


5. The Rutgers study highlights the deliberate and persistent use of Hindu specific imagery, tropes, sacred symbols, practices, and livelihoods (e.g. the saffron color, the sacred Swastika, Tilak or Bindi.) This finding is critical as many South Asian scholars and activist groups often downplay or dismiss Hinduphobia by couching it as anti-India or broader anti-South Asian xenophobia. Furthermore, in a parallel with how antisemitic tropes of “Zionist Occupied Government” are used against the Jewish community, there is an increased usage of tropes such as “Brahmin Occupied Government” which relay themes about Hindu dominance and control in places of power. Other prominent tropes include “Caste” “Nationalist” “Extremist” “Rashtra” and associating Hindus with Nazis and extremists.




Extracts from CoHNA

A recent research study conducted by Rutgers University (July, 2022) makes alarming conclusions - "The report found a dramatic rise in, and patterns of, hate speech directed towards the Hindu community across these [online] platforms – genocidal memes and coded language patterns advanced by white supremacists and Islamists along with Iranian trolls accusing Hindus of perpetrating genocide against minorities in India...

..."Like other communities have done, the Hindu community must also take security measures to ensure its safety and the safety of their next generation".

CAIR spreads its Hindu hate with the support of local and state political leaders - Calvin Ball, Katie Hester, John Sarbanes, Courtney Watson and others.

Calvin Ball places CAIR representatives on various boards and commissions and elevates their influence throughout Howard County.

HATRED OF HINDUS IS NOTHING NEW. We are kafirs, unclean, slaves, dark, thieving, non-believers. We have seen Hindu persecution throughout the ages because of Mulsim intolerance. 


John King, Democratic candidate for Governor (Anti-India, Anti-Hindu) rejects donation from HINDU, based on Hindu(tva), which means "Being Hindu".
Replace "Hindu" with "Muslim" Racism and hate against Hindus is being normalized.

We are told that 'Diwali and Holi are not Hindu Religious Holidays"

Congressman John Sarbanes (Anti-India, Anti-Hindu), co-sponsors anti-India, anti-Hindu Resolution HR1196.Hindu hate Normalized, Sponsored by Ilhan Omar.

Sen. Katie Fry Hester, (Anti-India, Anti-Hindu) Sponsors CAIR Events.
Hindu Hate has become Normalized and encouraged by Howard County politicians.

CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in terror (U.S. Dept. of Justice) and it targets Hindus, spreading its hate in Howard County.


Who is CAIR?

Radical fundamentalists spread jihad and hate against those they consider kafirs (unclean, non-believers, slaves, dark... Hindus, Jews, other non-believers.

The Department of HOMELAND SECURITY refuses to deal with CAIR. Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) describes it [CAIR] as an organization "which we know has ties to terrorism."[3] Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) observes that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect."[4] Steven Pomerantz, the FBI's former chief of counterterrorism, notes that "CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups."


CAIR calls Hindus in Howard County Nazis. Engages in bigotry, discrimination, religious intolerance, spreading hatred.

If we stay silent in the face of evil and hatred  evil will win.

United We Stand
so that our children might live free

Your voice matters - Register today. Help in any way you can. Increased awareness. Together we stand tall and we promise never again. Spread the word. Share this page. Together, we will resist tyranny and hate.

Rutgers University Research Study (July, 2022) concludes that Hinduphobia is on the rise in the U.S. Hindu Families should safeguard themselves and their families and their children from anticipated violence.   

It is critically important that we unite to help stem the tide against Hindu Hate.

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Auth: Human Rights Registry