Howard County leans   Exremism 

According to CAIR

Council on American Islamic Relations

Hate  Racism  Bigotry & Religious Intolerance

Hindu Hate

Hindus are Nazis

..."Like other communities have done, the Hindu community must take security measures to ensure its safety and the safety of their next generation".
Rutgers University (2021)

India and Hindus are systematically being targeted by extremist hate groups and its allies.

Yes, in Howard County! Extremist Hate group targets Hindus, CALVIN BALL GIVES FINANCIAL AND MORAL SUPPORT TO HATE GROUP(S).


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Sponsors of Hate

Calvin Ball with Zainab Chaudry Director of CAIR's Office in Maryland. Hate and her allies loom large in Howard County.

Katie Fry hester with Zainab Chaudry – Director of CAIR's Office in Maryland

Katie Fry Hester sponsors CAIR 


Hindu Hate has become Normalized and encouraged by Howard County politicians.

Hindu Hate

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CO-SPONSORED HR 1196Hindu Hate

Howard COunty Public School System
Filters India-related and Hindu-related educational and cultural materials through extremist South Asian Activists, not a part of the Howard County School System

"Nestled between al-Qaida and ISIS, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a group with deep ties to the Democratic Party"

Not great company Calvin. I'm disappointed that you sponsor CAIR. A group which spreads.hate. calls Hindus NAZIS AND EVIL. Are your Hindu neighbors evil? Are they Nazis?

Celebrates a book (the definitive work on Asian immigration), which refers to Hindu immigrants as INVADERS and brings to mind rapists, looters, the burning of towns and villages, and violence against women and children). This represents hate speech. Calvin Ball, in partnership with his Islamist allies, celebrates the targeting of Hindus, Calvin Ball promotes such hateful activity against India and Hindus. 

I have served Howard County with all my heart and will, all that I could muster. During the pandemic, we distributed over 2.5 million lbs of food to families struggling to put food on their tables. County leadership gave us no support. 

I need your help. Racism, bigotry, discrimination & religious intolerance against the Hindu community in Howard County has become the norm. We are vilified and called Nazis and Evil by radical extremists. Katie Hester, John Sarbanes, and Calvin Ball sponsor radical extremist groups which regularly spread hate against Hindus. Hindu families fear violence against themselves and their children. We must make our voices heard.

End Racism 

According to CAIR Hindus are Nazis. This is their message to the world. One of the most inclusive and peaceful cultures of the world is characterized as "evil" by extremists.

Track the spread of Hinduphobia as you track Calvin Ball's (Hester, Watson, Sarbanes...) tenure in office. 

Happening in Howard County, MD, and not in Afghanistan, just a little more refined.

Kashmir an integral part of India.
Kashmir an integral part of India.

Hate filed anti-India, anti-Hindu program sponsored by CAIR, Ball and Hester At this event, Calvin Ball participated, gave citation(s) and aided and abated the hate speech of extremist Islamists (...Hindus are Nazis)

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Propaganda and misinformation
Propaganda and misinformation

Extremist Islamists spread hate and misinformation against India and Hindus.

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Food distribution - by ICA
Food distribution - by ICA

2.5 millions pounds of food distributed to the hungry in Howard County

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Kashmir an integral part of India.
Kashmir an integral part of India.

Hate filed anti-India, anti-Hindu program sponsored by CAIR, Ball and Hester At this event, Calvin Ball participated, gave citation(s) and aided and abated the hate speech of extremist Islamists (...Hindus are Nazis)

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Hatred of Hindus (Kafirs - unclean, thieving slaves non-believers). Calvin promotes hate Group

On a 60-member panel individually selected by the County, not a single Indian, or Hindu was included.  Exclusion is an effective form of racism.  Only after about 4 months of petitioning was a single member from the Indian community allowed with much resistance. Howard County adopts a racist approach to equity and inclusion and diversity.

Stop Asian hate Rally
As violence increased against Asians, a "Stop Asian Hate Rally" was organized. A Hindu group wished to participate. The Hindu group's participation was strongly opposed. The Hindu group was not allowed to participate. Sanjay S. was scheduled to speak at the event but withdrew after witnessing open hate, racism, and xenophobia by leaders in our community and their support of Islamist Hindu Hate. 
Exclusion is a very effective form of exclusion
Howard County excludes Hindus in community events... Howard County is not equitable or inclusion.

Office of Human Rights
Systematically excludes the Indian community in its interfaith events and ignores complaints of the Hindu, Indian community in Howard County.

Candidate for Governor - John King
Refuses donation from Hindu donor on basis of a false hate-narrative. 


Historically, Hindus have been persecuted at the hands of extremist Islam (Not to be confused with the religion of Islam). Islamists have conducted the largest genocide in human history against Hindus. 

Hindu Hate Caught on Camera. Calvin Ball's promotion of Hate leads to violence against Hindus.

CAIR's (targeted bigotry and violence against Hindus) places Hindu families in Howard County at risk.

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A History of Hindu Genocide at the hands of Radical Islam

A recent research study conducted by Rutgers University (July, 2022) makes alarming conclusions - "The report found a dramatic rise in, and patterns of, hate speech directed towards the Hindu community across these [online] platforms – genocidal memes and coded language patterns advanced by white supremacists and Islamists along with Iranian trolls accusing Hindus of perpetrating genocide against minorities in India...

..."Like other communities have done, the Hindu community must also take security measures to ensure its safety and the safety of their next generation".

If we stay silent in the face of evil and hatred  evil will win.

Reject Hate, Reject those who hate

Founder of the Indian Cultural Association

REJECT THE POLITICS OF HATE Hatred against Hindus is normalized with the help of the Howard County administration. CAIR's and the hate rhetoric spread by other similar extremist groups is having real world consequences, especially in an environment where these are supported and sheltered by local leaders, e.g. County Executive Calvin Ball, Sen. Katie Fry Hester, Courtney Watson, Congressman John Sarbanes and other. This has had the chilling effect of spreading Hinduphobia, an irrational hatred of Hindus. Hindu families are at risk.

We are told that 'Diwali and Holi are not Hindu Religious Holidays"
Hate cancels Hindu

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) Targets Hindus in an attempt to dehumanize them. CAIR refers to Hindus as Nazis and characterizes Hindu families as "evil" and Hindu culture and Hinduism as fascist, aggressive and oppressive, evil. There has been a substantial increase in targeted anti-Hindu hate over the recent years in the United States.

CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in terror (U.S. Dept. of Justice) and it targets Hindus, spreading its hate in Howard County.


Who is CAIR?

The Department of HOMELAND SECURITY refuses to deal with CAIR. Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) describes it [CAIR] as an organization "which we know has ties to terrorism."[3] Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) observes that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect."[4] Steven Pomerantz, the FBI's former chief of counterterrorism, notes that "CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups."


CAIR calls Hindus in Howard County Nazis. Engages in bigotry, discrimination, religious intolerance, spreading hatred.

United We Stand
so that our children might live free

Your voice matters - Register today. Help in any way you can. Increased awareness. Together we stand tall and we promise never again. Spread the word. Share this page. Together, we will resist tyranny and hate.

Rutgers University Research Study (July, 2022) concludes that Hinduphobia is on the rise in the U.S. Hindu Families should safeguard themselves and their families and their children from anticipated violence.   

It is critically important that we unite to help stem the tide against Hindu Hate.

Auth: Human Rights Registry